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Seagate IronWolf ST6000VN0033 harddisk 3.5" 6000 GB Serial ATA III HDD


Bestil inden tms og modtag varen senest d. 25/09

Pris: 1.780 kr.

Special Price 1.526 kr.

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Om produktet


Seagate IronWolf ST6000VN0033. Harddisk størrelse: 3.5", Harddisk kapacitet: 6000 GB, Harddisk omdrejningshastighed: 7200 rpm

Tough. Ready. Scalable.
For everything NAS, there’s IronWolf and IronWolf Pro. Always on and always working, IronWolf is enhanced with AgileArray technology for optimal reliability and system agility. Multi-user technology and extreme workload rates allow IronWolf to perform and scale up with your enterprise.

IronWolf + the Power of AgileArray
- NAS-optimised hard drive for the best-possible user experience
- IronWolf Health Management in Synology NAS1 continuously helps to safeguard the health of your data
- Drive balance with Rotational Vibration (RV) sensors manage multi-bay vibration for long-term consistent performance and reliability
- RAID performance optimised that maximises responsiveness and uptime with NAS-aware Error Recovery Control
- Advanced power management saves energy and delivers the right power at the right time

Multi-Bay and NAS-Ready With Built-In RV Sensor
First in its class, IronWolf drives are equipped with RV sensors on high capacity drives to maintain performance in multi-bay NAS enclosures. RV sensors on IronWolf Pro come standard, helping business and creative pros to have consistent performance for years to come.

Do More With Multi-User Optimisation
Do more with your NAS with multi-user optimisation. Enabling user workloads of up to 180 TB/year on IronWolf and 300 TB/year with IronWolf Pro, multiple users can confidently upload and download data to a NAS server. Whether you’re a creative pro or a small business, IronWolf is on your side.

Be Creative Anywhere With IronWolf and Your NAS
Extensible and reliable storage helps keep you and your creative business on schedule. IronWolf and IronWolf Pro are great companions for your NAS for 24×7 remote access, backups and file sharing from anywhere, making sharing ideas easy. For growing agencies and the need for more storage, IronWolf and IronWolf Pro are built to address NAS scalability challenges.

Grow Your Business NAS
A thriving small business needs storage that can thrive with it. IronWolf is optimised for NAS in multi-RAID environments that not only the vibration, but also handle the high user workload rate in a high data traffic network. Enter multi-user technology — up to 180 TB/yr for IronWolf, up to 300 TB/yr for IronWolf Pro.

Dominate The Media
Build your home NAS media empire with IronWolf HDDs. IronWolf and IronWolf Pro lead the class in storage capacity with drives as large as 10 TB, and the performance needed to run high definition content with your NAS. Store thousands of full-length HD films and even more photographs on your private server. Think of it as your home cloud.
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Producent Seagate
Name Seagate IronWolf ST6000VN0033 harddisk 3.5" 6000 GB Serial ATA III HDD

Yderligere data om produktet

Hard drive interface Serial ATA III
Harddisk kapacitet 6000 GB
Hard disk størrelse 3.5"
Harddisk omdrejningshastighed 7200 rpm
Drevenhed, bufferstørrelse 256 MB
Tid mellem fejl (MTBF) 1000000 t
Harddisk vedvarende overførselshastighed 210 MiB/s
Harddisk interface overførselshastighed 6 Gbit/sek.
Komponent til NAS
Enhedstype HDD
Strømforbrug 8,1 W
Strømforbrug (standby) 0,6 W
Strømforbrug (ude af brug) 7,2 W
Opstart strøm 1,8 A
Operationel temperatur 5 - 70 °C
Lager-temperatur -40 - 70 °C
Stød under drift 70 G
Stød ved stilstand 250 G
Vægt 705 g
Driftsstrøm 5 / 12 V
Antal 1
Lagringsdrev adapter inkluderet Nej
Lagringsdrev adapter inkluderet Nej
Hard disk størrelse 3.5"
Harddisk kapacitet 6000 GB
Harddisk omdrejningshastighed 7200 rpm
Interface Serial ATA III
Lagringsdrev buffer størrelse 256 MB
Harddisk interface overførselshastighed 6 Gbit/sek.
Harddisk vedvarende overførselshastighed 210 MiB/s