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Samsung CLT-Y4072S blækpatron Original Gul 1 stk


Samsung CLT-Y4072S blækpatron Original Gul 1 stk

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Om produktet


Samsung CLT-Y4072S. Farvepatron, sideudbytte: 1000 Sider, Printfarver: Gul, Antal pr. pakke: 1 stk

Toner performance is optimised for Samsung printer.

Ensures a uniform print quality. Easy to maintain and manage. Monitoring supplies technology notifies customers when toner is low or needs to be replaced.


Imagine a printer that operates quietly and allows you to concentrate on other important tasks while it prints. The NO-NOIS™ engine design means the toner is stored in a fixed cartridge mechanism, eliminating noise and vibration. It also simplifies toner changes - there are no heavy toners to change, just small, easy-to-access toner bottles.

Genuine quality

Enjoy consistent print results .With Samsung supplies you're virtually guaranteed high quality pages without any defects.

Easy-to-change toner

No mess. No fuss. Samsung printer cartridges are easy to replace so you can get back to work. Simply follow three easy steps: open the front cabinet, change the cartridge, and close the cabinet. That's all there is to it!

Automatic toner monitoring system

Never get stuck on empty again. When toner is running low, the automatic toner monitoring system conveniently notifies you.

Unique toner design

Samsung printer cartridges are the smallest and lightest in their class, ideal for personal, small or home office users.

Security label

Samsung supplies include a colour-changing security label that proves they are genuine products. When the label is tilted, the colour changes from clear to cyan. Plus, the embossed characters change between red gold and blue when seen from different angles. You can also verify its originality by feeling its texture.

Standardised cartridge

Each Samsung LaserJet cartridge has been tested to meet ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standards, which makes it easy to compare toner yields from different manufacturers. With Samsung toner cartridges, you can be confident that you're making an informed buying decision.
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Producent Hewlett-Packard
Name Samsung CLT-Y4072S blækpatron Original Gul 1 stk

Yderligere data om produktet

Side kapacitet 1000 Sider
Printteknologi Laserprint
Brand kompatibilitet Samsung
Print farver Gul
Antal pr pakke 1 stk
Farve på produkt Sort, Gul
Print farver Pigmentbaseret blæk
Brand kompatibilitet Samsung
Farvepatron, sideudbytte 1000 Sider
Vægt 1,14 kg
Bredde (emballage) 363 mm
Dybde (emballage) 73 mm
Højde (emballage) 183 mm
Pakke vægt 1,16 kg
Emballagetype Kasse
Package tare weight 180 g
Operationel temperatur 10 - 30 °C
Lagring, relativ fugtighedsgrænse 10 - 90%
Palle bredde 140,7 cm
Palle længde 77,4 cm
Palle højde 197,9 cm
Antal pr. hovedemballage 4 stk
Ydre emballage, bredde 30,9 cm
Hovedemballage længde 38,1 cm
Ydre emballage, højde 46,5 cm
Master kartonvægt 4,6 kg
Master pap tara vægt 490 g
Kompabilitets information CLP-320, CLP-325, CLX-3185