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PanzerGlass P1010 skærmbeskyttelse iPhone 5/5s/5c 1 stk


Pris: 198 kr.

Special Price 134 kr.

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Om produktet


PanzerGlass P1010. Brand kompatibilitet: Apple, Kompabilitet: iPhone 5/5s/5c, Beskyttelsesfunktioner: Modstandsdygtig overfor ridser. Funktion til beskyttelse af privatliv. Antal pr pakke: 1 stk

- Genuine tempered glass
- Easy to apply
- Resistant to impacts
- Resistant to scratching
- Rounded edges
- Fingerprint-resistant
- Does not splinter upon breaking
- Alcohol wipes
- Microfibre cloth
- Dust-remover sticker

PanzerGlass is thin and shatter-proof screen protection made of specially tempered glass.

With a breaking strength that is nine times greater than ordinary glass, and a scratch-resistant surface, the original PanzerGlass is the ultimate protective glass for mobile devices. The specially designed PanzerGlass is only 0.4 mm thick and fits perfectly onto the device. With rounded corners and edges, the protective glass is also extra resistant to destructive impacts and shocks to the display's most vulnerable areas. The original PanzerGlass is distinguished by the following qualities:

Oleophobic coating
The protective glass is coated with an oleophobic coating which, besides being resistant to fingerprints and dirt, also gives the glass an attractive touch 'n' feel.

The original PanzerGlass has the highest attainable level of transparency, which means it provides perfect sharpness and colour reproduction.

100% tactile sensitivity
PanzerGlass maintains 100% the same tactile sensitivity as the device's own screen.

Shatter-proof glass
The glass is shatter-proof and therefore can't break into sharp pieces. This ensures a high level of safety and minimizes the risk of damage to both the owner and the device.
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Name PanzerGlass P1010 skærmbeskyttelse iPhone 5/5s/5c 1 stk

Yderligere data om produktet

Brand kompatibilitet Æble
Enhedstype Mobiltelefon/smartpone
Funktion til beskyttelse af privatliv Ja
Kompabilitets information iPhone 5/5s/5c
Beskyttelsesfunktioner Modstandsdygtig overfor ridser
Antal pr pakke 1 pcs